Stolen Dog from Midland Game Fair


Staff member
Dear Sir/Madame,

Unfortunately, my springer spaniel, Amo, was stolen at The Midland Game Fair on Saturday 15th September between 3-4pm. She is 16kg in weight of a slim build. All white body with small liver speckles and a part liver head with a noticeable spot of liver on the top, as shown in the poster attached. She is microchipped with a 3/4 showing-docked tail. She is only 16 months old and my first pup.

She is thought to either have came loose from her lead, or been taken directly from behind our stand (A1 Decoy, Gunmakers Row, A56). She was supposedly seen running around the show, but I have not heard any more detail about this.

I am sending this email out as an appeal. I have never experienced something so upsetting, distressing and I've never felt so distraught and worried, that somebody has my little girl. I do not know if she is being looked after, what conditions she is living in, and I am praying and wishing for some positive news about her whereabouts, so she can come back home where she belongs and be in front of our fire again where she is safe.

Please could you help by doing the below, as your actions could result in her safe return home.

Firstly, please could all the staff at the show be forwarded or shown this email, to ask if they saw Amo running around the show on Saturday afternoon, saw somebody with her on a lead (I appreciate how many spaniels are at the show, but something may have seemed unusual), or somebody put a lead on a loose springer. Any of this information could be vital, even if the individual believes it is insignificant.

Secondly, please could you share the poster attached on your social media platforms, and ask family and friends to share and retweet as well. Please also, if possible, send the poster out to your emailing list, as a visitor to the show may have valuable information regarding her location. Amo could be anywhere in the UK by now, and I am really trying to spread this as far and wide as I can, just to get my girl back into my arms.

Finally, please could you take a second look at any photos, videos or dash cams that you, staff or family and friends may have had at the show on Saturday. This footage may show something so valuable to Amo's return.

Nothing is insignificant to the search, and any information you have please contact the below;
Email -
Phone - 07809701261

The Crime Reference Number is N1/75132/2018. There is LARGE REWARD for her return.

If anybody also has any information regarding dogs that have been stolen from game fairs in the past, please feel free to forward me any information regarding this. This could significantly help with our search.

I really appreciate all your efforts in advance, and cannot thank you all enough for participating in the search for my little one.

That small piece of information you provide, may be a major lead in finding my Amo.

Yours faithfully,

Bibby Curtis
I saw the sign that A1 Decoy put up at the end of the show saying that their dog had gone. It must be so distressing and I hope Amo is found soon and in perfect health.