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Shelmore Farm Shoot


Under Keeper
I got a invite to go Goose and Duck shooting on the 1st September with some friends from the west midlands and Staffordshire area at Shelmore farm Shoot.

Well the evening started with us all meeting up in Penkridge were we started of with some good old banter and some exchanging of various cartridges for the evening Duck and Goose shoot.

We joined by the shoot organizer to show us the short 20 minute drive to the farm
For our meet and greet.
Upon reaching the farm we were greeted with Hot pork baps and stuffing followed by a couple glasses or Port.(Baps,Rolls or Cobs now there’s another discussion)

A general safety brief followed and the tradition of drawing pegs before we all headed the short walk to the pond and surrounding stubble fields. Picking number one
peg put me and another gun in the field were as the rest of the guns were in the surrounding vicinity of the pond.

First plan was to put some dogs in the pool and boy did we get a rush of ducks over our heads, with all guns having plenty shots and chances at some quality high flying birds, With Clive taking a duck that must have been a good 80 yards up and by far the best shot of the evening.

After this drive me and the other gun was moved to pegs surrounding the pool, were the others were to await the oncoming fighting to the pool from a mix of Duck and plenty Goose. And boy was we not disappointed with many a Duck heading back to the pond and wave after wave of Canadians flying by with some good and some adventurous shots being taken..

This carried on the same until we ran out of light and the final whistle was blown around 8.30pm bringing to close what was one of the best season opening days i have been on.
A total of 34 Ducks,3 Goose and 5 un-accounted for to which we was told would be looked for at first light.

I would go as to say every one had a good night and all had plenty shots and kills over the couple hours we was out, in fact it was so good we have booked a return this month for some of the same.

A huge thanks goes out to Mike Rutter for organizing the evening for us all and to the lads at the shoot for a very good night out that’s not to be missed.

I don’t think its to late to get in touch with Shelmore Farm Shoot as I am sure they have dates available.

Jon (Shootgame)

Dave Swinnerton 07813175305
Shelmore Farm, Radmore Lane, Staffordshire, ST20 0EG