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Got no permissions, fustrated.. loosing confidence


New Gun
Why is it so hard to get permissions?
All the farms around me have guys that apparently shoot there already or they are part of a syndicate which is run by one guy who charges people and he pockets it.
Now the beating seasons over I’ve got the taste for going out with the gun.
Happens every year, same situation re occurs every year.
Tried everything believe me.
Always just end up going clay shooting, nothing better than getting out in the field though.
Must be more people like me out there in this situation?
Perseverance though, if anyone knows any good syndicates out there local to midlands just give me a heads up please.

Rant over



Staff member
From a farmers point of view @Zak its getting harder to give permissions, world is full of "no win no fee" type people so our insurance companies all tell us to avoid any risk we can, Police insist we do due diligence re licences and insurance etc and issue permission letters and keep all on file to make their job easier, they call us checking up on applications etc

all in all its a pain that for many is just making it easier to say no and avoid the bother

The solution ? - You have to make the hassle above worth it for the landowner, offer some payment or work etc in exchange for the permission and the hassle for the landowner might start to look worthwhile, give them the assurance you wont sue if you rip you new Gortex on his barbed wire or break an ankle on a slippy ditch etc. Tell him you wont just turn up when you want and attract every pigeon in the area then no show for months while they eat his crop, unfortunately this is the kind of problem that many farms will have had in the past and is a big part of why you're finding it hard
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