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Game cover other than maize


New Gun
i have been trialling covers other than maize for a few years now and have come to the conclusion that the best I have got is the kings moir mix, it lasts for 2 seasons and in some cases I have had it for 3 seasons. It gives cover all year around when maize has been ploughed and left barren and bare, deffinatley wild birds are increasing.

I split the covers into 2 and re new half each year, I am then guaranteed a cover what ever happens and also makes covers more diverse.

I have found the cool proof way to establish is to plough, as early after the season as possible, let the weather break it down as much as possible, then powerharrow 3 weeks prior to drilling. Spray off and spin seed on using slug Pelletier on quad bike, and here's the must FLAT roll it, not Cambridge but flat roll it.
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New Gun
We would like to put in some kale, but timing is difficult: we’re a small syndicate and do our own work with limited equipment. Planning to get some farmyard manure in, now season is over, and hand spread it on one small area. Leave it to rot down this year and then seed kale for 2019/20 season.
Any advice gratefully received!


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its very soil type dependant, clay soils are best ploughed etc early to let the front help, lighter soils are best left to retain moisture longer

cant really see why a flat roll would make a lot of difference vs a cambridge one other than they tend to be a lot heavier, I would not spin seed on other than small seeds, the rule of thumb should be that a seed shud be buried at x2 the depth of the size of the seed, ie a big seed like beans quite deep and a small see like radish etc much shallower, multi species covers are of course a compromise re depth, broadcasting risks the seed not being in contact with the moisture it needs to get established