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2nd Hand Sako P94S .22LR Bolt Action Rifle & Moderator

Here's a rare item:
A Sako P94S .22LR Bolt Action Rifle & Moderator
21" barrel screwcut 1/2"x20unf
Parker Hale Moderator
5 shot magazine

This rifle came from a gentleman who passed away, and this was bought new by him, and rarely used. Its lucky if its done 300 rounds tops from new....
Immaculate Woodwork bar a small chip in the left hand side stock (Pictured)
A few minor scrapes at the muzzle end.
The above marks are only from taking the rifle in and out of the safe for the past 20 years..
The scope has been sold, so the rifle and moderator, and scope mounts are available.

Needs a new home doing what it should be doing.... Rabbits or club shooting. Its accurate as it consistently hits a 6" gong at 200 yards everytime
£600 RFD transferred to your dealer or £570 F2F
If interested call/txt James on 07825 443295 or email