Mission Statement

Shootgame Mission

Our vision is to support a thriving community of people who share a passion for shooting game, providing opportunities to develop friendships, travel experiences and collaboration, across all cultures and geographies. We have a place here where we can discuss and dissect shoot days, shooting holidays, shooting news news etc. We want to know what is everybody doing in game shooting community?

This is your forum to let us know what is happening not just all over the UK but the rest of the world in ultra-low goal to high goal. We want funny, amusing and informative posts from ALL Shootgame members at ALL shoot days wether you are shooting or simply spectating. If you think something that happened at your shoot was funny or shocking so would the rest of the game shooting community. We want you to put shoot reviews and shoot news as it happens direct onto the Shootgame site. Then go to another part of the site to check out Gundogs, keepers chat and For Sale pages, whilst chatting with friends on the site. Adverts can be tracked easily, tagged and searched for instantly. Have fun on Shootgame.